What’s Brewing and on Tap

Chimney Rocktoberfest

This is a tradional Oktoberfest lager. Brewed with Vienna malts, dark in color but drinks like a lager.   5.7%

Hickory Witch Pumpkin Ale

Full of fall flavors, the Hickory Witch Pumpkin is brewed with fresh pumpkin, pumpkin puree and all the fall spices.  5.6%

Blu Monkey Coffee Stout

Brewed with cold brew coffee grounds from Small Town Coffee Roasters In Rutherfordton, NC and hints of  chocolat. This chocolate  coffee stout will wake you up!  6%

Merritime Barleywine

Though it doesn’t contain wine is named Barleywine because of the similar alcohol content to wine with a big malt backbone, hints of fruit and booziness.  13% 

Barking Yourself Mild

Mild is the original English session beer. Maltiness backbone, dark in color but light in body.  4.2%